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Gwyneth Paltrow recently gushed about how wonderful President Obama was and said, "It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass." This isn't really anything new. Everyone understand how much Hollywood and the rest of the Progressive Left wants to "do the right thing" and the Will of the People be damned. 

I shared this on Twitter and got a response from a fellow who suggested throwing people like her in a dumpster was the correct response. I retorted that only makes people mad. Then they get out of the dumpster and keep right on going. He suggested perhaps killing them would be better. My mentioning that 150 million other Americans shared her ideals just meant to him that they had to go too. Here was a fellow who was fine with murdering 150 million of his fellow Americans because they were an existential threat to him and his way of life.

On the other side you have people who are fine with giving "their" man dictatorial powers, and thrashing an over 200-year old constitution because "he needs to pass the things he needs to pass" regardless if the rest of us want that or the constitution forbids it. The ends justifies the means, and if that means stripping Christians of free speech, confiscating the assets of people who have "too much" and ripping up the constitution to rule by decree, well they're fine with that.

This is why a civil war is inevitable. 

Progressives won't stop. They can't compromise. They don't accept that people who don't agree with them have any right to dissent. We're enemies of Humanity standing in the way of their Utopia. 

Once enough on our side stop trying to reason with anti-religious fanatics, then the guns will come out and the slaughter will begin. And don't fool yourself thinking it's all anti-gun people on the other side. They're the ones with drones and Homeland Security. And if they think they're going to lose, I don't doubt for one minute they would nuke the rest of us.

Are you really willing to kill 150 million people to "restore" the constitution? Could it even be restored after something like that? Yet if we don't resist we're headed for a secular-humanist "paradise" that'll make the old Soviet Union seem quaint. At least Stalin didn't care if you ate transfats. 

We're headed for a very dark place.

A very dark place indeed.



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